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1. there is going to be a day or two or three where nothing goes right and it seems like everyone is against you, do not forget that you can crawl in bed and take a break from the world for a little while, tomorrow will be better and you will be okay.
2. there is going to be a boy who tells you that you are the moon and who will make your heart race every time his skin touches yours, do not forget that you are not his, if he kisses you and makes you cry you are allowed to run away. people come and go and you will be okay.
3. there is going to be a girl with wolf teeth who rips out your heart and cuts at your throat, you will love her because she is everything you are not and you will hate her because she is everything you could be, do not forget that her bones are made of stardust like yours, everyone is a little lost and you will be okay.
4. green should be the color of plants and not people, do not envy the girl with dead eyes and flushed cheeks who sleeps in the beds of boys you dream of, she is a small human just like you and she gets lonely and angry and afraid sometimes too.
5. cocaine makes you sad so that you lust to do more, love does that too. do not play with matches if you are standing in dry grass. do not fall in love if you are not ready. things that i’ve picked up on throughout my small life (x)
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I’m getting real sick and tired of never being truly fucking happy.
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Love that song.
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